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CEO Message

From the Desk of James Reid

To our valued eye care professionals:

james-headshot-new-circleIt’s hard to believe I just finished my first quarter as CEO of Versant Health.

It has been a busy three months. I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from the team leaders of our major operational areas, including our provider networks and lab services. The time I have spent learning about the company has led me to appoint Josh Silverman as Senior Vice President of Provider Network and Supply Chain. Josh has deep experience in our industry and shares my philosophy that the Eye Care Professionals in our networks are among our most important stakeholders.

One of Josh’s early priorities will be to address areas that impact your satisfaction.

In future newsletters, you will receive updates from Josh. In the meantime, thank you for all you do for our members--your patients.

James W. Reid Signature

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CMO Message

From the Desk of Dr. Mark Ruchman, Chief Medical Officer

Managing Innovation - Medical necessity criteria approved for Tepezza and Durysta

mark-ruchmanAs eye care professionals, we are privileged to care for our patients at a time of unprecedented innovation in ocular science and clinical care. The velocity of innovation presents both opportunities and challenges. We seek to offer our patients those advancements which will enhance their care and quality of life. As fiduciaries for our patients and client health plans, however, we have an equally significant responsibility to evaluate these innovations and assess their value compared to existing therapies.

At Versant Health we employ the recommendations of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (1) in evaluating the quality of medical evidence appropriate to establish medical necessity. These recommendations are consistent with the GRADE (Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluations) conventions of evidence hierarchy (2) which are the standard for the health care professions worldwide.

Based upon these methodologies, we determine that randomized controlled clinical trials and high-quality meta-analyses offer the highest quality of medical evidence that a given intervention will consistently produce its stated efficacy. Uncontrolled, non-randomized trials, retrospective case reviews, uncontrolled small sample prospective studies, literature reviews, and individual case studies provide insufficient quality of medical evidence to make this determination.

At Versant Health we continuously monitor the assessments of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as newly released Category III CPT codes to evaluate those interventions that may be advantageous to our patients and add value to our client health plans. Formal technology assessments based upon this methodology and supported by the peer-reviewed literature are prepared by the Chief Medical Officer in collaboration with the Chief Clinical Officer. This document then is reviewed by the Versant Health Medical Policy Council comprised of independent physician experts who have appointments at or who have trained at leading institutions such as the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary/Harvard Medical School, the Harkness Eye Institute/Columbia University, the Wills Eye Hospital, the Wilmer Institute/Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, and the Bascom-Palmer Eye Institute.

Following this process, the Medical Policy Council recently has approved medical necessity criteria for Tepezza (teprotumumab-trbw), an insulin-like growth factor receptor antagonist efficacious for moderate to severe thyroid eye disease, as well as Durysta (bimatoprost implant) for the treatment of primary open angle glaucoma where current pressures are above target range in patients who are intolerant of topical therapy and have had prior laser trabeculoplasty.

At Versant Health we welcome those technologies that advance the care of our patients and improve their access to needed care. In this way, we bring increasing value to our 37,000,000 beneficiaries and our client health plans.

Yours truly,

Mark C. Ruchman, M. D.
Chief Medical Officer


  1. Update on General Medicine, Using Research to Improve Clinical Practice, Basic and Clinical Science Course Section 01, American Academy of Ophthalmology, 2020
  2. Guyatt GH, Oxman AD, Vist GE, et.al. GRADE: an emerging consensus on rating quality of evidence and strength of recommendations, BMJ | 26 April 2008 | Volume 336, 924-926.

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Medical Management


Medical Management Update

Eye care professionals play a critical role in Versant Health’s mission to help our members enjoy the wonders of sight through healthy eyes and vision. Versant Health is committed to keeping the lines of communication open with our network. In that light, please use the link below to see updates to existing policies, and also new policies. These were recently approved by the Versant Health Utilization Management Committee.

June 2021 Eye Care Provider Newsletter

Versant Health, which brings you the Superior Vision and Davis Vision networks, maintains and provides access to our policies via the Eye Care Professional Portal located at superiorvision.com and davisvision.com. The medical policies can be found by logging in to your Provider Portal then selecting "Resources" -> "Medical Policies" from the left side navigation bar on the portal dashboard.

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A Focus on Summer Eyewear

The start of summer brings with it unique visual demands that our patients experience as they begin to spend more time outdoors. For this reason, I recommend a dedicated pair of sunglasses to all patients who enjoy outdoor activities. I find that most patients are familiar with the increased visual comfort that sunglasses offer on sunny days, but not all are familiar with the health benefits of sunglasses. Because of this, I take the time to explain how UV protection can reduce their risk of developing cataracts, macular degeneration and periocular skin cancers.1

sunglassesTo enhance the level of protection, I often recommend that patients select a frame that has large enough lenses and sufficient face wrap to provide adequate coverage of the eyes and ocular adnexa. Additionally, I discuss how features like polarization and backside anti-reflective treatments help reduce glare in various situations. After explaining my recommendations, I list them by name on the spectacle Rx so the patient can easily reference what we discussed. I also make sure to specify an impact-resistant lens material on all sunglass prescriptions to ensure that patients have protection against eye injuries.

Photochromic lenses are another great tool in our toolbox because they provide the benefits of both clear and sun lenses in one pair of glasses, which patients find very convenient. This convenience doesn’t come at the cost of protection; however, as they offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, as well as filtering out a significant amount of blue light. This helps reduce circadian rhythm disruption when patients use digital devices at night.2 Recent advancements in photochromic technology have provided us with new photochromic lens colors, lenses that activate and return to clear more quickly, lenses that get darker behind the windshield of a car, new polarized photochromics and flash mirror photochromic lenses.

Disclosures: Transitions Optical – Speakers Bureau


  1. Roberts JE. Ultraviolet radiation as a risk factor for cataract and macular degeneration. Eye Contact Lens. 2011 Jul;37(4):246-9.
  2. Hatori M, Gronfier C, Van Gelder RN, Bernstein PS, Carreras J, Panda S, Marks F, Sliney D, Hunt CE, Hirota T, Furukawa T, Tsubota K. Global rise of potential health hazards caused by blue light-induced circadian  disruption in modern aging societies. NPJ Aging Mech Dis. 2017 Jun 16;3:9.

Fayiz Mahgoub OD, Versant Health Optometric Advisory Council Member (OAC)

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Myopia Control

myopiaMyopia is a common eye condition but its concern has become a growing epidemic. Two main reasons for myopia escalation include genetics and the modern-day lifestyle with activities such as reading and technology use. Nearsightedness has increased 66% since 1971. Patients who are diagnosed with myopia or nearsightedness will need correction to see at a distance whether it's with glasses or contact lenses. At an eye exam, we offer the ability to slow down and improve vision with the use of specialty contact lenses.

At the initial consultation, if a child falls in the range of newly diagnosed nearsightedness between the ages of 8-12, a MiSight soft contact lens may be recommended. MiSight soft contacts lenses have the technology to correct the child's vision but also slow down its progression by having ‘treatment zones’ on the lenses to blur out certain areas in aiding the development of the eye. As children grow, their eyes grow. Nearsighted patients may be thought of having ‘longer eyes’ than patients who are farsighted; so, by being able to regulate its elongation, patients will not continue to progress to nearsightedness.

Another option for patients who do not like glasses or contact lens wear during the day is Paragon CRT contact lenses. These are hard RGP lenses that are able to remold the front surface of the eye so that light is focused at the correct area of the retina for clear vision. These specialty lenses are worn overnight to correct the curvature of the cornea while you sleep and removed in the morning to have clear comfortable vision without glasses or contact lenses during the daytime. This is a good option for patients who need correction for sports and outdoor activities such as swimming where contact lens wear is not recommended due to the high risk of eye infections.

Nikki Iravani OD, Versant Health Optometric Advisory Council Member (OAC) 

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Regulatory Compliance Team

Reminder: Documenting the Dispensing of Materials

q2-newsletterEye Care Professionals must properly document the dispensing of corrective eyewear. Proper documentation ensures eyewear is dispensed according to Versant Health and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) standards. The Versant Health Provider Manual outlines the required documentation of frame selection, fitting measurements, order, and adjustments. CMS requires eye care professionals maintain proof of delivery. The CMS standards for proof of delivery are a signature from the patient (or designee) and date the corrective eyewear was dispensed. Or, if the patient (or designee) signature is not legible, the eye care professional can note the patient name.

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Medicaid Registration and Compliance

Versant Health encourages eye care professionals (ECPs) in our commercial networks to also participate in our Medicaid networks. ECPs who want to participate in our Medicaid networks and submit claims for providing services to Medicaid members must enroll both themselves and their offices in their state’s Medicaid Program.

Below are the states in which Versant Health currently has Medicaid business along with contact information to enroll. Many of these states offer an electronic provider enrollment process.

ECPs who enroll as Medicaid providers must submit the Provider Change Request Form available in the Eye Care Professional Portal so we can add you to our Medicaid network(s).

Also, please ensure all updates to your and your office’s demographic information are submitted to your state’s Medicaid agency and to Versant Health.

State Website Phone
Florida http://ahca.myflorida.com/medicaid/Operations/Fiscal/providers/index.shtml  (800) 289-7799
Illinois IMPACT https://www.illinois.gov/hfs/impact/Pages/ProviderEnrollment.aspx  (877) 782-5565
Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME) https://dhs.iowa.gov/ime/providers/enrollment  (800) 338-7909
Kentucky https://chfs.ky.gov/agencies/dms/dpi/pe/Pages/default.aspx  (877) 838-5085
Louisiana https://www.lamedicaid.com/provweb1/provider_enrollment/providerenrollmentindex.htm  (225) 216-6370
Maryland ePREP https://mmcp.health.maryland.gov/pages/provider-enrollment.aspx  (844) 463-7768
New Jersey https://www.njmmis.com  (609) 588-6036
New Mexico https://nmmedicaid.portal.conduent.com/webportal/enrollOnline  (800) 299-7304
New York eMedNY https://www.emedny.org/info/providerenrollment/  (800) 343-9000
Pennsylvania https://provider.enrollment.dpw.state.pa.us/  (800) 537-8862
Texas https://hhs.texas.gov/doing-business-hhs/medicaid-provider-enrollment  (800) 925-9126
Virginia https://www.virginiamedicaid.dmas.virginia.gov/wps/portal/ProviderEnrollmentLogin  (888) 829-5373
West Virginia https://www.wvmmis.com/SitePages/Provider-Enrollment.aspx  (888) 483-0793

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Customer Service

Have a question? Save a call!

Remake and Warranty Policies

The ECP Training HUB has multiple resources available to help support your practice, from policies to FAQs. Below we present the Remake & Warranty Policies for Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid Orders. Many providers have found this resource very useful. Issues addressed include:

  • Order arrives with lab errors, such as incorrectly manufactured prescriptions, lenses, frames or materials damaged in transit
  • Order requires one-time change not related to an error
  • Warranty returns

Click below for the policy and procedure.

ECP Training Hub - Versant Health

  • Remake & Warranty Policies for Commercial and Medicare Orders
  • Remake & Warranty Policies for Medicaid Orders

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Excel Advantage™
Discount frames with no minimum order requirements

“Did you know you can pay your bill online?” This is the fastest, safest way to pay Excel Advantage, Davis Collection, and Negative Balance charges (over 60 days).

eyewearDavis Vision’s Excel Advantage™ program offers eye care professionals the opportunity to purchase frames and safety frames at significant discounts. Davis Vision’s exclusive frame collection is offered to network eye care professionals at no cost and is designed for use as an extension of their own frame inventory. With the Excel Advantage program, providers can purchase additional collection frames for their private patients, saving on the cost of additional inventory.

Other benefits include:

  • More than 200 additional frames from which to choose.
  • Orders can be placed at the same time as managed care orders, saving valuable time.
  • Up to 40% off list price for all Excel Advantage products.
  • Frames may be returned for a full refund within 60 days of purchase, and for replacement within one year, as long as it’s accompanied by its original invoice number.

Excel Advantage frame orders are never subject to additional shipping charges. Order one frame, or 100. There are no minimum order requirements. Order as you need them. No need to tie up your money in standing inventory. Orders typically ship within 48 hours.

Davis Vision - Excel Advantage

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Provider Portal Updates

Who does this update impact? What does this update mean? When was this update implemented?
Superior Vision Retailers and DDOL Providers (Doctor Doing Own Lab) Eyecare Dispensing Program (EDP) benefits are now filtered out to correlate with your specific contracts. You should now see the correct member benefits that apply specifically to Doctor Doing Own Lab (DDOL) and retail offices. Quarter 2 (2021 Q2)
Davis Vision Providers The newest portal enhancement will allow membership files to be updated in real-time and uploaded to the Provider Portal within 30 minutes of notification from the client. Quarter 2 (2021 Q2)
Davis Vision Providers A fix has been implemented to allow Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) to include the date of service for repair/replace orders, eliminating unnecessary rejections of those claims for timely filing. Quarter 2 (2021 Q2)
Davis Vision Providers Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) will now have the option to include diagnosis codes for repair/replace orders, eliminating unnecessary rejections of those claims. Quarter 2 (2021 Q2)
Davis Vision A portal enhancement has been implemented to add the contact lens order/claim button to select groups that allow benefits to be split between eyeglass lenses and contact lenses. Quarter 3 (2021 Q3)


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Quick Reference Guide

Topic Website Phone
Help using the portal, access to forms, FAQs Visit https://versanthealth.com/ecp-training-hub/ Davis Vision (877) 235-5316 Superior Vision (877) 235-5317
Register a lab Visit https://ecp.versanthealth.com/ under Provider Dashboard-Manage Registered Labs Davis Vision (877) 235-5316 Superior Vision (877) 235-5317
Order frame collections   Davis Vision (877) 235-5316 Superior Vision (877) 235-5317
Benefit reinstatement (need reason, Provider ID, Member ID, Patient Name) N/A Davis Vision (877) 235-5316 Superior Vision (877) 235-5317
Benefit summary and/or inquiry Visit https://ecp.versanthealth.com/ Search for Member Davis Vision (877) 235-5316 Superior Vision (877) 235-5317
Claim status and history Visit https://ecp.versanthealth.com/ under Claim History Davis Vision (877) 235-5316 Superior Vision (877) 235-5317
Order status Visit https://ecp.versanthealth.com/ under Job History Call your lab. For Medicaid jobs call Davis (877) 235-5316 or Superior (877) 235-5317
Cancel or change a job N/A Call your lab. For Medicaid jobs call Davis Vision (877) 235-5316 or Superior Vision (877) 235-5317
Remakes, redos, warranty replacements For Medicaid prescription change, warranty and lab errors visit https://ecp.versanthealth.com/ under Job History Commercial: call your lab. For Medicaid jobs call Davis Vision (877) 235-5316 or Superior Vision (877) 235-5317
Tier change
N/A Call your laboratory
Order lab shipping labels N/A Call your lab. For Medicaid jobs call Davis Vision (877) 235-5316 or Superior Vision (877) 235-5317
Enroll & view electronic payments https://www.instamed.com Call InstaMed at (866) 467-8263
Access form for prior authorization Visit https://ecp.versanthealth.com/ resources/Forms Davis Vision (877) 235-5316 Superior Vision (877) 235-5317
Update provider profile information including adding a location or doctor Visit https://ecp.versanthealth.com/ under Resources – Forms N/A
Requests to join panel Visit https://davisvision.com/eye-care-professionals/join/ or https://superiorvision.com/eye-care-professionals/join/ Once contact is initiated, a regional recruiter is assigned and reaches out


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Quality Team

Member Appointment Availability

patient-experienceThe last eighteen months hit the eye care industry particularly hard. Among the challenges to our practices were the loss of revenue due to decreased patient appointments and the difficulty of balancing patient safety and patient experience.

As we all begin to return to normal, it is important, as our business begins to pick up, that we focus on patient experience. This is particularly important to our practice’s growth since so many people sought online solutions during the pandemic. We want to retain our existing patients and attract more.

Below are two tips for your practice that can help ensure a great experience for your patients.

  • Appointment availability can set the tone for the patient experience. A good rule of thumb is that an appointment should be available within two (2) weeks of a member’s request. For urgent or emergent care, patients expect an appointment either the same day or the next. Additionally, routine eye exam appointments do not require a referral.
  • In-office wait times are another opportunity to influence the patient experience. Continue to check in with your patients while they wait and set expectations for them if you have unplanned clinic situations. Patients want to understand issues that impact them and will appreciate your willingness to respect their time.

– Quality Team, Vision Health Services

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Supply Chain

Versant Health knows your patients want a robust frame selection, and we heard you when you requested a broader selection of frames in both size and style. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that supplemental frames are now available to all of our Medicaid Eyewear Dispensing Program (EDP) providers. These frames have been sent out to supplement your existing 48-piece Medicaid kit. The additional frames include 3 SKUs with a larger eye size of 58-60mm. Included in the supplemental tray will be details including SKUs to be removed from your current Medicaid kit. A look at the additional frames is at the below link.

Medicaid Supplemental Frames Collection

If you have not received your supplemental kit or have questions, please email versanthealthcollection@versanthealth.com.

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New Crizal Rock lenses are the most scratch-resistant Crizal No-Glare lenses ever made1

Did you know that 77 percent of eyeglass wearers wipe their lenses with t-shirts, tissues or towels at least once a week?2 The latest Crizal® No-Glare lens innovation, Crizal® Rock™, is here to help you ensure your patients’ eyewear is protected from this and other common wearer habits. Crizal Rock lenses are three times more scratch-resistant than entry-level Crizal products and two times easier to clean than its main competitors after extensive smudging.3

Essilor is a company built on a history of innovation and providing ECPs with the most advanced lens technologies - such as Varilux, the number one progressive lens brand commended by optometrists and opticians.4 Our latest innovation, Crizal Rock, is life-proof and provides patients with a scratch- and smudge-resistant lens equipped to handle everyday activities while still providing the excellent clarity of vision with reduced glare and UV light protection that ECPs and patients love in every Crizal lens.

crizal rockTo ensure we released a lens equipped to meet the real needs of wearers, we developed a series of life-proof tests to assess a lens’ resistance to scratches and smudges. The results of these tests and more, all certified by independent third parties, prove that Crizal Rock lenses are the most scratch-resistant Crizal No-Glare lenses ever made. “Rigorous testing of new products is a central focus for Essilor R&D - to ensure we are offering the best quality products to our customers,” said Pete Hanlin, Senior Director of Professional Services & Ophthalmic Operations.

Crizal Rock lenses feature innovative High-Resistance Technology™ - a combination of specific oxides proven to resist scratches and dust. Thanks to their High Surface Density™ Superhydrophobic Topcoat and Anti-Particulate Layer, Crizal Rock lenses also have excellent smudge resistance and are easy to clean. In addition, Crizal Rock lenses reduce glare and provide optimal protection against UV light with protection from backside UV reflections.5 Like all Crizal No-Glare lenses, Crizal Rock lenses carry the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of recommendation.

Crizal Rock lenses are available now with all your favorite lens designs such as Varilux® progressive lenses, Eyezen® enhanced single vision lenses, and other Essilor lens designs and materials.

To learn more about Crizal Rock lenses and receive a FREE ABO CE online credit, visit the Crizal Rock ABO course hosted by Jobson at https://www.2020mag.com/ce/delivering-durability-like-never-before.


  1. Within Crizal Range - External laboratories tests and internal technical tests in 2019 – compared to all previous generations of Crizal coatings.
  2. Study conducted by ©Ipsos, 2019, among n= 2435 eyeglass wearers in France, USA
  3. Internal Sand Resistance test 2019 – compared to all previous generations of Crizal coatings; External laboratories tests and internal technical tests in 2019, among the most known lenses brands by consumers (MSW brand tracking 2018 in 17 countries). Scratch resistance may vary depending on lens configuration.
  4. Survey conducted in 2018 by an independent third party. Sponsored by Essilor. Results were reported by independent opticians and optometrists.
  5. In a clear lens, Crizal® Rock™, Crizal® Prevencia®, and Crizal® Avancé UV™, offer optimal UV protection on all lens materials, except 1.50 clear plastic, based on our E-SPF® 35 technology, the higher the E-SPF index, the greater the level of UV protection provided by the lens.

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30-Day Varilux® Challenge Boosts Profit and Simplifies Dispensing

Optometrists are no strangers to making recommendations— from referrals to specialists to the basic need for prescription eyeglasses. But how would the business side of optometry be affected if practitioners made it a practice to regularly insist on prescribing a certain brand they believed in? Brian Padgham, OD, of Guthrie Vision Source® in Guthrie, Oklahoma found the answer to be surprisingly attractive.

In April, Dr. Padgham decided to take the 30-Day Varilux® Challenge, in which he agreed that for a month he would proactively prescribe Varilux® lenses by brand name in the exam room to every presbyopic patient. There was a slight learning curve in using this brand-centered approach, he says, but he realized how important it was for doctors to be proactive with their recommendations. Patients rely on their vision every day. “It is one of the most cherished senses that we have. I think the doctors really do need to be a part of that conversation” on how patients can achieve their most comfortable, sharp vision.

“The concept behind the 30-day challenge makes a lot of sense,” says Dr. Padgham. “We talked in our staff meetings about that idea. Doctors tend to talk about contact lens brands specifically, and as doctors, we choose one—with some input from patients.”

With ophthalmic lenses, however, in the absence of a specific brand recommendation, “we have tended to leave that to the optician—or to the patient who doesn’t understand the factors,” he says. “We should not simply prescribe the power, we should also be prescribing the lens.”

variluxAlthough Dr. Padgham’s challenge ended earlier in May, he found himself continuing to prescribe Varilux lenses. “At the end of the challenge, we saw how smoothly it went and how much our opticians liked it,” he says. “We went from having 10 percent to 20 percent of our progressive lens sales from Varilux to 80 percent now. It was a bigger shift than we expected and all our numbers say it was more profitable.” On average, optical transactions also increased by $20 per transaction, in large part due to the increased sale of premium lenses. “We were impressed with the results. It shows me we made the right business decision at this point,” says Dr. Padgham.

See how taking The Varilux Challenge and insisting on Varilux lenses with all of your patients can impact your practice, visit VariluxChallenge.com.

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The Essilor Experts™ Partnership—a shared vision of success

Did you know that you are eligible to enroll in the Essilor Experts program? Don’t miss out on this valuable partnership opportunity.

Essilor Experts™ helps eyecare professionals ATTRACT and ENGAGE patients, and OPTIMIZE business results. We partner with you and your customers to address these three business objectives:

essilor experts

With exclusive marketing and technology to drive patients to your practice, including practice advertising and a prioritized ECP locator, as well as optimization tools like the Essilor Experts dashboard to track how your business grows over time, Essilor Experts strives to maximize your success.

Additionally, Essilor Experts practices tend to see:

essilor experts 2

Contact your local Essilor Account Executive for more information and details on how to enroll your practice in the Essilor Experts program or visit essilorpro.com/essilorexperts for more information!

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Join Our Network

Want to join our networks or need to get a doctor credentialed for your practice?

As offices around the country continue to open their doors to service their patients, we’ve noticed an increase in the need for our network to have new optometrists and ophthalmologists credentialed with Versant Health. If you have an eye care professional that needs to be credentialed or would like to join our networks, please visit https://davisvision.com/eye-care-professionals/join/ or https://superiorvision.com/eye-care-professionals/join. Once we receive your request, one of our network recruitment specialists will be happy to assist.

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Press Releases

Cataracts by the Numbers | June 22, 2021

According to the Mayo Clinic, about half of all 65-year-old Americans and an even higher percentage of people in their seventies have some degree of cataracts. A cataract can be relatively mild or severe. In the latter case, it will block the passage of light to the retina, causing significant vision problems. 

Read more here.

Eye Health & Population Health: The Role of Social Determinants in Vision Care | May 18, 2021

Addressing social determinants of health factors is necessary to properly manage patients’ health, prevent serious health conditions, and improve health outcomes in our communities.

Read more here.

Children’s vision health is critical to their development | April 30, 2021

Dr. Mark Ruchman and Lisa Hall of Versant Health discuss how vision care and coverage can impact key stages of advancement in childhood.

Read more here.

Versant Health 2nd Annual Vision Wellness Study | March 4, 2021

The second annual Vision Wellness Study looks at people’s perceptions of eye care during a landmark pandemic year for the healthcare industry, including the value of eye care services, interest in telemedicine, and concerns about eye care costs.

Read more here

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