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December 2021


Happy Holidays!

Thank you for your participation in the Provider Survey. In addition to providing us with your valuable feedback, we have made a generous contribution on your behalf to Vision to Learn. Vision To Learn provides free eye exams and free eyeglasses to students in low-income communities. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know what is working and what needs improving. We will work hard in the coming months and throughout 2022 to address issues for improvement.



CMO Message
-Davinder Singh Grover MD
-Yoshihero Yonekawa MD
Medical Management
Customer Service
-Negative Balance Statement
-Sign Up for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
-Forgot Your Provider Portal Password?
-Excel Advantage
2021 Provider Portal Updates - Quarter 3
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CMO Message

Two Distinguished Ophthalmologists Join Versant Health Medical Policy Council

Medical policy at Versant Health is made by The Medical Policy Council of independent clinician experts. I am proud to announce the appointment of two distinguished ophthalmologists who will advise Versant Health on medical necessity criteria and technology assessment.

Grover-1200x1200-circleDavinder Singh Grover MD

Dr. Grover is a specialist in glaucoma currently practicing with Glaucoma Associates of Texas. He received his Baccalaureate degree with the highest honors in Neuroscience from the University of California-Davis and a Master of Public Health degree (International Health Policy) from Harvard. University. He completed his medical studies at Johns Hopkins and continued there for his residency training at The Wilmer Institute, before proceeding to a Fellowship in Glaucoma at The Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

Dr. Grover is a Board Member of the American Glaucoma Society and Chair of the Glaucoma Committee (ONE Network) of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). He is a member of the Planning Committee for the Glaucoma Subspecialty Day Program for the AAO annual meeting and has served on the AAO’s Division of Health Policy.

Dr. Grover is a reviewer for leading peer-reviewed journals including Ophthalmology, Ophthalmology-Glaucoma, American Journal of Ophthalmology, JAMA Ophthalmology and The British Journal of Ophthalmology.

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Yonekawa-1200x1200-circleYoshihero Yonekawa MD

Dr. Yonekawa is a specialist in retinal disease, currently a member of The MidAtlantic Retina Group at The Wills Eye Hospital. Prior to joining MidAtlantic Retina, he was an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and The Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary where he had completed his ophthalmology residency. He has served as Director of Pediatric Retina Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital and was an organizer of The Retinopathy of Prematurity Screening program at The Massachusetts General Hospital.

He is the author of over 300 peer-reviewed articles, editorials and book chapters and has over 2500 citations on Google Scholar. Dr. Yonekawa has served as an invited peer reviewer for over 30 journals and has served as Chair of The American Society of Retina Specialists Diabetic Retinopathy Best Clinical Practices Committee. He is the Principal Investigator for four clinical trials and a Sub-Investigator for over thirty.

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Medical Management


Thank you for your participation in the Versant Health panel of eye care professionals. As part of our ongoing commitment to open lines of communication, here is a link to inform you of medical policy updates and additional medical policies recently approved by the Versant Health Medical Policy Council: versanthealth.com/about/medical-policy-council

Click the following link for the policies that have been added or updated: Provider Policy Updates

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Customer Service

Have you received a Negative Balance Statement and don't know why?

A negative balance typically occurs when your office collects payments directly from members that include a portion due to Davis for upgrades not covered by their plan. These are typically for items back-up pair of frames, no-line bifocals, scratch coating, transition lenses and so on. Other amounts may be for adjustments made to previously adjudicated claims. Versant will attempt to recoup these amounts from future payments; however once the balance hits 60 days old, we ask the providers to pay the balance by check or credit card.

Did you know you can pay your bill online using your credit card? Just log on to the Versant Health portal, navigate to Provider Dashboard and select “Pay My Bill” from the menu.

Click on the menu button, then on “Pay My Bill”. You will now see two options - one for Excel Advantage and one for Negative Balance. As before, you can use your credit card to pay the balance on your latest account statement, secure in the knowledge that the information is captured in accordance with the high standards of the Payment Card Industry (PCI).”

negative balance statement 1

negative balance statement 2

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Sign up for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Through our partnership with InstaMed, the industry-leading healthcare payments network, we can deliver direct electronic deposits into your bank account, and enable electronic remittances. This solution, called Integrated ERA/EFT™, is FREE to you as a provider. EFT is safe, secure, efficient, and less expensive than paper check payments and collections. Integrated ERA/EFT enables you to accelerate payments and improve cash flow, reduce paper checks and EOPs, cut costs, and streamline healthcare transactions. You can sign up online or submit a completed enrollment form, and be ready to get started. It is easy to implement, and a huge savings of time and resources.

  • ERA/EFT Online Sign Up
  • Enrollment Form
  • InstaMed provider login (use after enrollment is completed)
  • EFT training video (Password: DVTraining)

Questions? Call InstaMed’s customer service at 866-INSTAMED / (866) 467-8263.

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Forgot Your Provider Portal Password?

If you cannot remember your password or if the portal has locked you out due to five unsuccessful login attempts, you can use these instructions to create a new password and log into the Provider Portal:

provider portal password 1

From the Login page, click the Forgot Password link. The Forgot Password page displays.

provider portal password 2

In the username field, enter your username and click submit, You will receive an email with your username in it and additional instructions for logging into the portal.

In the email message, click the Reset your password button to display the reset password page.

provider portal password 3

Complete the fields on this page. Tip: passwords must be a minimum of eight characters, contain at least one uppercase and one lowercase character and have at least one special character to be valid.

Click submit, the portal sends an email to the address associated with the username with a log-in button that prompts you to login again. Note: if you are locked out of your account and you use the Forgot Password functionality to re-activate your account, this final message displays: Your password has been successfully saved. Click OK to access the portal.

Please visit our Provider Resource Center at prc.versanthealth.com, click on the Comprehensive Portal Guide on how to change passwords.


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Excel Advantage™

Discount frames with no minimum order requirements!

Davis Vision’s Excel Advantage™ program offers eye care professionals the opportunity to purchase frames and safety frames at significant discounts. Davis Vision’s exclusive frame collection is offered to network eye care professionals at no cost and is designed for use as an extension of their own frame inventory. With the Excel Advantage program, providers can purchase additional collection frames for their private patients, saving on the cost of additional inventory.

Other benefits include:

  • More than 200 additional frames from which to choose.
  • Orders can be placed at the same time as managed care orders, saving valuable time.
  • Up to 40% off list price for all Excel Advantage products.
  • Frames may be returned for a full refund within 60 days of purchase, and for replacement within one year, as long as it’s accompanied by its original invoice number.

Excel Advantage frame orders are never subject to additional shipping charges. Order one frame, or 100. There are no minimum order requirements. Order as you need them. No need to tie up your money in standing inventory. Orders typically ship within 48 hours.


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2021 Provider Portal Updates - Quarter 3

2021 provider portal updates


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Quick Reference Guide


Quick Reference Guide

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Member Appointment Availability

quality-teamThese last two years hit the eye care industry particularly hard. Among the challenges to our practices were the loss of revenue due to decreased patient appointments and the difficulty of balancing patient safety and patient experience.

As we all begin to return to normal, it is important, as our business begins to pick up, that we focus on patient experience. This is particularly important to our practice’s growth since so many people sought online solutions during the pandemic. We want to retain our existing patients and attract more.

Below are two tips for your practice that can help ensure a great experience for your patients.

  • Appointment availability can set the tone for the patient experience. A good rule of thumb is that an appointment should be available within two (2) weeks of a member’s request. For urgent or emergent care, patients expect an appointment either the same day or the next. Additionally, routine eye exam appointments do not require a referral.
  • In-office wait times are another opportunity to influence the patient experience. Continue to check in with your patients while they wait and set expectations for them if you have unplanned clinic situations. Patients want to understand issues that impact them and will appreciate your willingness to respect their time.

– Quality Team, Vision Health Services

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Supply Chain

We are excited to introduce new styles and brands to our Exclusive Frame Collection starting in the 4th quarter. Providers who are due for a frame refresh will be receiving these in the upcoming year.

These new frames include a variety of styles for men, women and children including an assortment of colors and sizes.

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Excel Advantage Promo

Versant Health excel advantage header (1)

Versant Health is offering Davis Vision Eye Care Professionals additional savings on frames through the end of the year.

We have marked down select Fashion Frames through our Excel Advantage Program an additional 50%, meaning greater cost savings and profit for you!

With styles for men, women and kids, there is something for all of your clients.


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The Essilor Experts™ Partnership—A Shared Vision of Success

Did you know that you are eligible to enroll in the Essilor Experts program? Don’t miss out on this valuable partnership opportunity.

Essilor Experts™ helps eyecare professionals ATTRACT and ENGAGE patients, and OPTIMIZE business results. We partner with you and your customers to address these three business objectives:

essilor experts

With exclusive marketing and technology to drive patients to your practice, including practice advertising and a prioritized ECP locator, as well as optimization tools like the Essilor Experts dashboard to track how your business grows over time, Essilor Experts strives to maximize your success.

Additionally, Essilor Experts practices tend to see:

essilor experts 2

Contact your local Essilor Account Executive for more information and details on how to enroll your practice in the Essilor Experts program or visit essilorpro.com/essilorexperts for more information!

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Join Our Network

Want to join our networks or need to get a doctor credentialed for your practice?

join-our-networkAs offices around the country continue to open their doors to serve their patients, we have noticed an increase in the need for our network to have new optometrists and ophthalmologists credentialed with Versant Health. If you have an eye care professional that needs to be credentialed or would like to join our networks, please visit the links below. Once we receive your request, one of our network recruitment specialists will be happy to assist.


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Press Releases

Steps to Preserve Vision Health for the Long Haul |September 30, 2021

Vision changes are an unfortunate, and often unavoidable, reality of aging for many. These changes often emerge in people’s 40s and are initially most noticeable when reading or doing other tasks that require focusing on small details. However, there are steps people can take as they age to protect their eye health.

Read more here.

Vision Care is Health Care | September 27, 2021

When it comes to health care solutions for Americans, vision care is often overlooked. But vision care needs to be a priority, not an afterthought. By providing your members with access to vision care as one of the foundational components of health care, lives can be changed and associated health care costs can be reduced throughout patients’ lives.

Read more here.

Aging and Eye Health| September 24, 2021

Our eyes are affected by aging, just like the rest of our bodies. Learn more about some of the eye health conditions that occur.

Read more here.

Signs and Symptoms of Vision Loss As We Age | September 14, 2021

It is no secret that as we age, our bodies change. We typically expect grey hair and wrinkles. However, we rarely consider the changes that occur with our eyes, and the inevitable effects they may have on our vision.

Read more here

Research Findings: Impact of COVID-19 on Eyecare & the Value of Vision Health | September 8, 2021

The second annual Versant Health Vision Wellness Study looked at people’s perceptions of eyecare during a landmark year for the healthcare industry, including the value of eyecare services, interest in telemedicine and concerns about eyecare costs.

Read more here

Versant Health’s 2020 Vision Wellness Study Looks at the Impact of COVID-19 on Eyecare and the Value of Vision Health | September 1, 2021

Even in a year dominated by a health pandemic, the study found that eyecare services endured. “And for good reason,” the introduction to the new report noted. “Physicians have cautioned their patients against delaying care during the pandemic, noting that minor health issues could become more serious if not properly evaluated and treated. Eyecare is no exception.”

Read more here

Raising Awareness About Vision and Learning | August 26, 2021

The best way to ensure that your child has the necessary visual skills to fulfill their academic potential is by ensuring they receive a comprehensive vision exam.

Read more here

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