Third Annual Vision Wellness Study

The Growing Value of Vision Care

Examining post-pandemic views on the value of vision health in holistic care, plus the role of managed care and insurers in equitable eye care access


Over the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted both the importance of and inequities related to accessing adequate eye care. Affordability, transportation issues, and lack of insurance coverage continue to present major barriers to eye care for lower-income households, especially among vulnerable population groups.

However, consumers continue to see the importance of eye care services, and the value they place on vision care as part of their overall health is climbing. Virtual care options and online shopping for eyewear are also leading the way in interest. These services are the "new normal" for insurers and their members, and they are here to stay. 


People with children in their households are highly focused on affordability and convenience when it comes to eye care. In fact, 58% of respondents with children selected their specific eyewear provider because they accepted insurance, compared to the 49% of all respondents who selected their specific eyewear provider for the same reason.

The cost and convenience of vision care are also of high importance to Medicaid and Medicare plan members. Having the ability to purchase vision insurance as part of a health plan is significant, too.

Learn more about how the perceptions of vision care and eye wellness among Americans are evolving, and how they are looking to their health plans and eye care providers to close the gaps in access to care.